Science is the art of curiosity and no-one is more curious in this world than children. Here at Scintillating Science we believe that all children deserve as much exposure to the sciences as possible - especially at a young age. Their curiosity should be guided and stretching ways that are both challenging and accessible. 

That said, we certainly do not believe in babying kids - you'd be amazed at the level of science kids can interact with when it's presented to them in the right way. We tackle very complicated ideas in a manageable way so that they are accessible to children. From there, the children's natural curiosity takes over. We'll plant questions in their minds that they'll puzzle over for days to come (hopefully longer).

By fostering the concept of scientific thinking in the minds of the youth, we hope to grow our new generation of scientists into a more successful and diverse group that will really have their work cut out for them in the future, to adapt to the growing demands of our planet. 


We aim for the Scintillating Science community to be a diverse and dedicated group of people - with all levels of scientific exposure. From kids who do a bit of science in school, to students studying the sciences, to people less directly involved with the sciences but want to learn more - and everyone in between. It really is a community for everyone. We have created a community-led forum which anyone can apply to submit articles to. Needless to say, articles will be checked and approved but we want to encourage individuals to write about whatever they are interested in. We also encourage people to interact with the articles, comment your ideas, ask questions, exercise your right to be curious!


With the idea of exposing kids to more science in mind, we thought of the Scintillating Science magazine. The idea behind the magazine was to bring science right to the fingertips of children, making it as available and accessible as possible. Crucially, it would be completely free of charge and delivered to schools so every child had access to it. We aim to roll this magazine out to as many schools as possible over the coming months and years, but for that we need funding. We are currently in the preliminary phase of fundraising to release our first magazine in Winter 2020. Please get in touch if you'd like to help us out or have any ideas about what we should do! 

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